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Skybull Studio is a young game development company with a team of 30 highly specialized professionals across many positions, including Game Designers, 2D Artists, 3D Artists, Animators, VFX Artists, and Developers. Our portfolio includes action-packed mid-core games such as Immortal Wars: Battler RPG and hybrid-casual games such as Monster Escape


Step into the cosmic arena with "Immortal Wars: Battler RPG", where the timeless battle between the celestial juggernauts, Time and Space, echoes across the infinite reaches of the cosmos. 


When the universe kicked off with a bang, it wasn't just fireworks—it was the start of a cosmic sitcom starring Time and Space as the wackiest duo in existence!


As Time twiddles its thumbs in the void, boredom strikes like a rogue asteroid. So, what's a cosmic entity to do? Create Earth, of course! But Space isn't laughing. It crashes the party faster than a meteor shower, wreaking havoc and turning Time's creation into cosmic confetti.


In a showdown that's more slapstick than supernova, Time and Space duke it out, causing a cosmic kerfuffle that splits reality into more dimensions than there are stars in the sky. Picture this: Time's cosmic clock versus Space's spatial spaghetti, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance!


Now, as the universe's newest comedic hero, it's up to you to navigate this cosmic comedy of errors. With Time's power scattered like space dust and Space raising an army of intergalactic jesters, it's a race against time (literally!) to restore order before the universe becomes the ultimate punchline.


Embark on a journey through time and space, where every decision shapes the fate of the cosmos. Are you ready to embrace your destiny and carve your legend in Immortal Wars: Battler RPG? 


Download now and try for free!

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Enter the captivating world of Monster Escape, where you play as the affable Dracula himself on an unexpected journey to the countryside. Drawn by the allure of breathtaking landscapes, Dracula decides to explore and capture the scenic beauty with his camera.


However, his peaceful excursion takes a drastic turn when he stumbles upon a village inhabited by hostile villagers who harbor an intense hatred for monsters, particularly Dracula. Unaware of the danger lurking around him, Dracula's presence incites fury among the villagers, who arm themselves with whatever weapons they can find, from humble picks to menacing spears and daggers.


As the villagers relentlessly pursue him, Dracula must rely on his wit and agility to evade their wrathful onslaught. With every step, the tension mounts as he navigates through perilous terrain, using his vampire reflexes to outmaneuver his pursuers.


Will Dracula manage to outrun the angry mob and escape their clutches, or will he succumb to their relentless pursuit? Join Dracula on this thrilling adventure filled with suspense, humor, and heart-pounding action in "Monster Escape." Are you ready to help Dracula flee from the wrath of the villagers and uncover the secrets hidden within the countryside?


Download now and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

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🐾 Step into Cat Empire, where our cuddliest furry pals embark on crafting the most enchanting toys

Catnip Haven 🌱🌞

In the sunny Catnip Haven, the cats busily harvested fresh catnip leaves, their tails twitching with excitement. After carefully drying the fragrant leaves, they gathered around, giggling 😺 and purring 😻 as they rolled the crispy catnip into adorable catnip balls 🎾, ready to delight their feline friends with the sweetest of treats.

Heartfelt Scratch Studio 🧶📦

At Heartfelt Scratch Studio, the atmosphere buzzed with creativity as furry friends gathered to craft scratchers from cardboard 📦. With enthusiastic paws 🐾, they kneaded the paper boxes, rolling them into balls before flattening and shaping them into cute heart ❤️ designs. Adding a splash of color 🌈 with playful sprays and a sprinkle of sparkles ✨, they transformed simple cardboard into love-filled scratchers, perfect for playful pouncing and scratching adventures.

Lovely Workshop 🐾🧵

At Lovely Workshop, the talented feline artisans switched gears to crafting scratcher sticks from threads 🧵. With nimble paws 🐾 and a keen eye for detail 👀, they wound and wrapped colorful threads around sturdy cores, creating vibrant and textured sticks. Infused with the enchanting scent of catnip 🌿, these handcrafted scratcher sticks promised hours of fun and scratching satisfaction for their furry friends.

Mystical Furry Scratcher Chamber 🎩🌈

In the Mystical Furry Scratcher Chamber, our fur-tastic friends put on their wizard hats 🧙‍♂️ and got to work! With paws waving like magic wands 🪄 and a dash of fairy dust (or maybe just loose fur) ✨, they whipped up scratchers that were more fluff than tough! These enchanted scratchers didn't just promise purrfect scratches but also a daily dose of kitty comedy and charm for their whiskered buddies.

Whisker Wonderland Mall 🛍️✨

Finally, all these paw-some creations found their way to Whisker Wonderland Mall, where they were proudly displayed and ready to be paw-chased by all the cute and cuddly furry friends in town! From magical scratchers to fluffy toys 🧸, the mall became the go-to spot for every cat seeking fun and whimsy. The sales began, and soon the mall was filled with purrs of joy 😺 and tails of excitement 🐈!

Leap in now and dive into the playful world of adorable cutest furry friends! 🐾🌟

​Coming soon


Add: 3F, Building 4A, No. 08 Ta Quang Buu Street, Bach Khoa Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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